Gridiron North Gathering System
Midland County, Texas

The Company capitalized on industry experience and completed a crude oil gathering project in its first year of business. Ironwood is committed to building a midstream company through acquisitions and greenfield construction projects that will provide its customer base with best in class service and accessibility to premium markets.

Successfully completed a greenfield crude oil gathering system in the Permian Basin.

  • Project currently gathering crude oil from premium Midland Basin acreage and delivering to a major pipeline transporter
  • Throughput Capacity – 40,000 barrels per day
  • Remote telemetry communications for real‐time control room monitoring and emergency response if needed
  • Project includes mainline block valve facilities for future expansion, automatic custody transfer (ACT) for measurement and pigging facilities for pipeline maintenance

The Company believes that gathering systems will provide better pricing and greater reliability than trucking

  • Pipeline infrastructure affords producers stronger netbacks and more attractive wellhead IRRs

TRRC Tariff – Midland Pipeline System